As Your Doula
It is now a known fact that continuous support during labor
for the birthing mom is associated with improved maternal and fetal health. Research proves that a variety of other benefits including lower risk of induction, medical interventions and less need for pain relief, support improved results
for the birthing mom and baby.

My doula role is to empower birthing women to achieve success for their unique birth vision. Through my experience, knowledge and training, we build confidence and joyful preparedness for their upcoming miracle of life experience. Through the phases of the labor process and delivery, I remain with the birthing moms and family to share and support the entire experience.

As a resource before birth, we discuss physical health, specific birth strengthening exercises, emotional swings and any questions that may arise. And, as a postpartum doula, I provide practical and emotional support along with physical assistance to the family as bonding takes place in the home.

Testimonial | Welcoming Greyson Into the World
Welcoming Greyson into this world was nothing short of a miracle! Words cannot describe how blessed we were with our birthing process, and I wanted to take a moment to express how incredible it was to have Roxane present with us during Greyson's birth! Our birth plan was simple - bring our son into this world as safely as possible. But I had this feeling that my husband would at least need a break during labor - so for me, I wanted to make sure he was okay and well-rested - enter Roxane, truly my guardian angel! I had to be induced - luckily he was ready, except for that tricky dilation issue! With the unconditional love and support of my husband, my amazing doula, and the incredible staff at Good Samaritan (thank you nurse Bree) - our beautiful baby boy was born naturally after 56 very long hours! Having a calming, soothing presence who is just there to support you, the mommy doing all the work, was such a special gift and I would highly recommend Roxane to anyone needing a little extra TLC during your birthing process, or after!