Doula Services Offered

Preparing for Birth
Serving the Bay Area, I am honored to offer the following Doula services if chosen to be a part of your birthing team:  pre-birth, labor and delivery support and postpartum support:

​Support the health and well-being of the birth mother through:
Prenatal visits (2) to understand and support birth mother's birthing wishes and desires
  • Support education and share information
  • Support a healthy lifestyle of food and exercise
  • Act as advocate for birth mother
Labor and Delivery 
As a woman caregiver, trained and experienced labor companion, I provide the birth mother and her husband or partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth.

  • Labor and Delivery
    Champion the birth vision of the mother and partner by working in harmony: 
    • C omfort
    • A ssess
    • R eassure
    • E ncourage

Together we build a dynamic team that supports the birth mother's wishes and desires for her complete birthing experience. To honor the full cycle of birth, our initial agreement includes one post partum visit.

Oftentimes starting your new family in your home environment brings challenges never imagined.  I can help bridge the new experiences to ensure a loving gentle transition for your entire family. 

Building a post partum support effort will be determined after the initial post partum visit.  I enjoy supporting the new family unit and look forward discussing possibilities.