"Roxane is Made of Magic"
Roxane is made of magic! We were fortunate to have her in our lives when we brought our premature twins home from the hospital. Her calm, loving energy and gentle reassurances were exactly what we needed during a stressful time. Roxane provided much needed support by nurturing and caring for the babies, as well as helping to ensure our 19 month old daughter did not feel any lack of attention because there were two new babies in the house. Because of her, I was able to feel confident about what our babies need to grow and thrive. She's amazing!  
-Michelle Tennant, Mother of Three

"She has always been a constant, radiating light of positive energy..."
I had the pleasure of meeting Roxane almost ten years ago through my then boyfriend/now husband's family. From the moment I met her, I knew there was something special about her. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to share many life experiences with Roxane, mostly joyous but some somber. She has always been a constant, radiating light of positive energy, even when she's not particularly feeling it. I feel so very lucky to have her in my life as a source of support, guidance and a calming energy. I know I can always go to Roxane for sound, honest and reasonable advice, no matter the situation. I wish she had found her calling as a doula a few years sooner, as I would have included her in my birth plan in a heartbeat! 

-Kristin Thompson, Mother to Robbie and Tayler

"You went above and beyond our expectations..."
We are eternally grateful for your time and dedication that helped us experience a great birth experience! You were exactly what we needed.  You went above and beyond our expectations, and we are so thankful! We are so happy we got to know you as our doula and also as a person.  We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, loving, kind and knowledgeable doula; and we can’t thank you enough! We truly could not have done it without you. Know that you occupy a special place in our hearts!

-Mariana, Marco, Isaac and Baby Noe (born 1/5/18)

"She will give you the birth experience you deserve!"
When my husband and I found out that we were finally pregnant, we were elated! This was after two years of infertility treatments.  We discussed our birth plan together and decided we wanted to keep it private with only my husband and me in the delivery room.  Little did I know how important it was to have some support during the labor process. We were induced on my due date, and I didn’t deliver until 36 hours after starting the process. My poor husband was exhausted from not having anyone to take a shift so he could get some sleep. 
We could not have survived that experience without Roxane. She brought us all together and provided the emotional support we desperately needed during a very difficult time for our family.

Roxane has the energy level of nobody I know and cares so deeply. I honestly don’t think she ever sleeps! My husband would have gotten some much needed rest, and I know I would have been in good hands with her by my side. Roxane is very knowledgeable about delivering babies having birthed four babies of her own. She was an amazing doula for my sister-in-law who was able to achieve a successful natural childbirth. I highly recommend Roxane to be your doula. Nobody is as passionate about babies as Roxane, and she will listen to your needs and give you the birth experience you desire! 

-Linda Thompson, Mother to Hunter